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M.V. Maverick

Intermediate wreck dive - Caribbean side - max. depth 100 ft

Lying in 100 ft of water is the wreck of the M.V Maverick, once a passenger ferry between the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The "Scarlet Ibis", as it was called back then, served for many years before being replaced with a bigger, faster ferry.
The top of the wreck is on 60 ft where we start to descend down a line which is attached to the bow. Usually passing through a school of bait fish with Bonito fish darting in and out. It is not unsual to meet large Cobia on this wreck.
Because of the depth the dive usually lasts 30-35 minutes and it is possible to penetrate the ship even as far as the engine rooms.
Reef building crabs, sennet fish and clams add to this interesting dive site.