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Cove Reef

Intermediate dive with slight current - Atlantic side - max depth 70 ft, most of dive in 40 ft

"Cove Reef" is located on the southern Atlantic side of the Island. Cove has got two reefs: A shallow 35-50 ft ledge, which is a favorite with Turtles, Nurse and Sand sharks. Large Cubera snapper enjoy the shelter of the small caves and corals. The area has large schools of reef fish and resembles a gold fish bowl. Because of the shallow depth the dive tends to last up to an hour and is a very relaxing, slight drift dive.

The deeper side of Cove drops from 35 to 70 ft and has a beautiful healthy coral reef full of sea fans, barrel sponges and Stag horn corals.
On occasion huge Jew fish can be seen passing in and out of the Stag Horn coral and large schools of Bermudan Chub cruise up and down the reef.